SimDock – Dock Bar for every Linux Desktop Users

October 31, 2007

simdock dockbar ubuntu

What is SimDock?
SimDock is an italian project which supports many cool graphic effects without X compositing configured.


Parted Magic LiveCD/USB/PXE – Partition Software for Linux

Parted Magic is a good alternative to Gparted LiveCD. It is a comprensive software utilities that runs in a Linux Live Environments. ISO Image for download is only 30 Mb of Software and the goal of this LiveCD is to make goods partitions of yours Devices. Also there are many utilities included as Partition Image, TestDisk, fdisk, sfdisk, dd, ddrescue and much more. (more…)

GP2X Game – Super Mario War (Nintendo Fan Game)

Super Mario War is a game deveolped using original characters from Nintendo Games. This game is a tribute to Nintendo’s Games. The goal of this game is to stomp others Mario Players to win the match. I suggest to see screenshot of this Gp2x Game:


Start your own music personal server with Sockso on Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 Linux

October 28, 2007

Run a server to share your music with friends is possible with Sockso. Sockso is a little software opensource written in java. It is multi platform and only requirement is java installed and enabled in your Linux or Ubuntu Desktop.
Sockso management is very simple because it provides GUI (Graphical User Interface), so is possible to setting up which music folder you want share.
Also, to make possible sharing with your friend, Sockso give you its web interface that starts on TCP 4444 port, so every friend can browse your files.