Install VMware server on Debian Etch in an Hetzner RootServer

January 12, 2008

In this tutorial I’ll explain you how to install Vmware Server on Rootserver with Debian Etch OS installed.




I’ve searched over the net many setup articles about vmware and Debian Etch, but unfortunately I haven’t found any good tutorial for me. I’m sure that your question is: “Why you haven’t found any good tutorial? Entire internet talks about Vmware products installation!” If you are in this page you are an unfortunately user as me. 🙂 You have to know that Hetzner have a limitation in his IP addresses. In fact, to block IP Spoofing, Hetzner don’t allow IP address sharing and Bridged configuration don’t works with Vmware. There are limitations also when you try to install Xen and others virtualization solutions with bridged network configuration except for OpenVZ. At the moment I’ve seen that OpenVZ have many bugs and there isn’t an updated frontend to manage simply the virtual servers configured. VMware Server is free and give you a Console to manage remotely VPS from Linux or Windows system. I’ve personally tested VMware Server 1.04 on RootServer DS7000 with AMD Athlon X2 6000+ and 6gb of RAM. It runs fine, but I think that if you want a very performant system, virtualization not is very well.


“NO Hotlink” – Protect your website from hotlinking with htaccess

January 6, 2008

If you have a website running on Apache and Linux System, you can disable hotlinks.

Hotlinking is when a website or blog use your image with a direct link, so result a consuption of your website bandwith. I assume that I’ve posted a photo of 2MB on my blog and people use it on their webpage without reuploading my photo on their host. Posted Photo was viewed 200 times in 1 hour and consume 400mb of traffic only in 1 hour!! In a day became 9.6 GB of traffic and for website that hosted this photo not is good. Also, there are other many reasons to block hotlinking but this article would be only a solution to prevent hotlinking.

First of all you have to upload one image called no_hotlink.gif on your images directory of your website. (this image is attached below)

No Hotlink