Opting for Networking

April 30, 2008

Many people decide to network at home or the office because they have more than one computer and want to share one broadband Internet connection. The benefits of opting to network are many and may include the ability to share files, pictures, music and more. A single printer can be shared and gamers can play against competitors on the network. Game consoles can also be connected to take advantage of online gaming.

Desktop computers can be set up where they are convenient and not just where there happens to be a wire if the network is wireless-enabled. Laptops computers are free to roam almost anywhere in, or around the network without losing their connection. Essentially, a network is convenient and can save the user a considerable amount of money while providing more options.

Flashback Data

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten a call from one of my less tech savvy friends with a frantic statement of “my computer hates me”. It’s always the same story. They didn’t back up their data and their hard disk crashed. Unfortunately, I can’t always help them but deleted files can be restored with the right technology. Check out Flashback Data for example. Their industry leading solution allows them to Recover Deleted Files from any media type or operating system. But remember, even though your files can be recovered – you should still maintain regular backups of your important files.

A Take on Linux’s Quality

A software quality directly relates to the degree of excellence it possesses. To fare positively when compared to others, there must be superiority in excellence and the ability to surpass the capabilities of others one way or the other. Linux, being an operating system, can be quality-tested based on the computer users’ various needs and wants as well as requirements and expectations.

The set-up of Linux and its applications where multiple distributions, windows managers and the like are offered can lead many into believing that Linux is low-quality software. The fact that it can be used for free somehow affects users’ perceptions especially since quality is often associated with monetary cost. At the end of the day, quality is defined in how an application effectively meets user needs.

Put it in Writing

The internet, through various blogging platforms such as WordPress and Movable Type has allowed just about anybody with something to share with the world a platform to publish their thoughts. But today it’s not only easy to publish your thoughts online, through the help of AuthorHouse – you can do so in a physical book of your own as well. AuthorHouse, a leading company of Book Publishers for authors looking to self-publish their books makes the entire process extremely simple and works with authors for the best results in print and marketing. Have something to say? Put it in writing…