Free Video Calls

May 28, 2008

The latest version of Skype has introduced free video calls to Linux. Skype 2.0 makes it possible to make and receive free, great quality video calls with much improved audio and ease of use while doing away with hundreds of bugs found in the earlier version. It is available in 20 languages and allows users to make calls from their computer for free to other people in Skype with great low rates on phones and mobiles across the world. Aside from being able to make free video calls to just about anyone in one’s contact list, group chat for up to 150 people and conference calls for up to 25 people can be accommodated.

Many users know Skype from other platforms which partly explain its popularity. The broad usage it affords likewise works to convince users to opt for it.

High Intensity Discharge Lights

In today’s next gen post I would like to focus on something that most of us don’t tend to consider as next gen material since we tend to take it for granted. I am talking about new technologies related to lighting equipment. While the light bulb could arguably be the first major invention of the modern age and along with electricity, the light bulb has revolutionized our way of lives. But while electric light has been around us for decades, new developments in the field of High Intensity Discharge lights are proving that this age old invention can still be improved upon.

Just take a look at the sophisticated equipment lights featured at and you will get the picture. While these equipment lights may look like their previous counterparts, under the hood hides a whole new form of technology. The HID lights displayed on Mangalight’s website draw less than 2 amps on a 23 volt circuit after initial startup. What’s amazing is the fact that a single 25 watt High Intensity Discharge light actually produces the same light a regular 300 watt bulb produces. With the modern trend of energy conservation and living green, HID’s are introduced in what seems like perfect timing.

The Lovely Kate

When there is a need to type some text without embedded formatting or other hidden codes, the Windows Notepad can easily do the job quickly and cleanly and just about anyone can handle it. Fortunately, Linux distributions come with a variety of free office suites including the KDE desktop manager that comes with Kate, a suitable alternative to the Windows Notepad.

Kate is a multi-document editor which is based on a rewritten version of the Kwrite editing widget of KDE. It has networking transparency while integrating well with the outstanding features of KDE since it is a native of this same application. It can be used for viewing HTML sources from Konqueror, editing configuration files, writing new applications and any other text editing task.

Life in the Digital Age

I’m sure every last reader of this blog considers himself somewhat of a “techie” and lives an online oriented lifestyle. But while many of us manage and control every aspect of our life via the internet, we are seldom aware just how easy it is for someone else to assume our identity and lead a second life under our own name. There are ways to battle identity theft today and the credit bureaus actually offer free fraud alert services. But constantly monitoring your situation and staying on top of the credit bureaus to get things done right can be very time consuming. That’s where life lock comes in. They are the leading identity theft prevention company in America and make good to their reputation with an outstanding service. You only have one identity – make sure it stays that way.