Towards a Commercial Direction

July 30, 2008

When Caldera Open Linux took on the form it would be most remembered for, it had switched over to the high-end Linux product. It was seen more as a business distribution rather than a hobbyist distribution. It was easy to install and configure as compared to other Linuxes at the time. The Caldera became more feature rich but bundled with proprietary software and became less community-oriented.

The Caldera Open Linux was the first distribution to create certification since the people behind it were firmly convinced that vendor neutral certification was the key, thus the founding of the Linux Professional Institute. They also provided funding for the Linux Standard Base. The realization that vendors needed a binary compatible set of standards for porting came early for Caldera.

Every Edge You Can Get

It’s not an easy time to be running a business let alone an online business. The commercial market is so competitive that companies need to utilize every edge they can. But while website owners are implementing the most advanced techniques to improved their ROI and increase website conversion rates, often they find they are losing sales for the most trivial reasons. There are still many websites today that rely on select and specific payment methods while excluding the majority of credit card holders. Initially there was an understandable deterrence by website owners from accepting credit cards due to the high costs involved and fraud concerns. But today with the help of credit card merchant service providers, accepting credit cards is simpler than ever. In fact, there really is no reason not to begin accepting credit cards right away.

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The United Linux

July 29, 2008

An alliance of large business-oriented Linux distributions which utilized the KDE desktop consisted of the SUSE, Linux Turbolinux, Connectiva and Caldera. SUSE Linux was one of the largest distributions in Europe while being the most business-oriented. Turbolinux is the largest distribution in Asia while Connectiva is the premier business-oriented Linux distribution in South America. The formation of such an alliance was for the purpose of establishing Caldera as the premier Linux brand. All members of the alliance agreed that each member would have an irrevocable, perpetual and worldwide license to use and unlimitedly exploit any intellectual property rights of the other members.

Business responded favorably to the move and for the first time, there was a Linux distribution that had global scope and support at the VAR, a full training organization, enterprise applications and an actual production GUI that ran well on a variety of hardware.

Teak for the Outdoors

Sometimes all that it takes to relax a bit is to try spending some time outside. When the weather is right, it can be the most relaxing and peaceful thing. There are some individuals that feel that being outside is uncomfortable and cannot feel luxurious. This is not true if you have comfortable and beautiful patio furniture such as teak garden furniture. At you will find a wide selection of teak wood furniture including teak benches. Aside from teak benches there are many other items such as teak wood tables, chairs, recliners, and dining sets.

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