Power Built for the Desktop

August 31, 2008

The Corel Linux OS is specifically meant for desktop use. It is easy to install and configure as it features an easy installer requiring only four simple and easy steps and a desktop environment which has KDE as its base, with the desktop set-up being based on Debian. Systems updates are easily obtained over the web as well as drivers, both network and local. Access to the Internet is convenient due to a file manager that is considered a step ahead among many, resembling the look and feel of a Windows Explorer. With an integrated Windows SMB network browser, the file manager performs excellently.

Notwithstanding its problems, Corel Linux is a great idea and probably has the best installation procedure in any OS. The installation CD is bootable while the installation routine can still benefit from some improvements. It has an excellent control center and a substantial app included in the form of the Corel File Manager.

Linux on the Wii

August 18, 2008

The addition of support for USB keyboards through the IOS keyboard interface has brought Linux on the Wii to a more usable form. This has been available since IOS version 30. A block driver has also been written to use SD cards through the Nintendo Wii front SD card slot. This driver provides fine read/write support and performance when compared to the classic SD card adapter driver.

With the added support for the Power PC arch branch in Linux kernel patches aside from the PPC branch, changes are available through the CVS service. It can be quickly tested on a Nintendo Wii through the released version of 0.2 of the Wii-Linux Proof of Concept.

Concrete Products

August 13, 2008

There are some companies that have been in a certain business for many years. Some of these companies go about business in the same manner year after year. For some, this method works, but for others, it does not. The reason for this is that the world is constantly changing and in order to continue to be a success, a company must be willing to change according to the times. Then there are those companies that are constantly modifying themselves, making sure they are on top of the newest developments in their industry and they are capable of continuing to fulfill their customers’ needs.

This is the type of company that Precast Concrete is. They have been in the concert business for decades but that has not stopped them from making the necessary changes as times change. They offer a wide range of products including Precast Concrete Septic Tanks and their years of experience in the field result in more than satisfied customers.

GNU/Linux on Nintendo GameCube

Nintendo’s fourth home video game console, the Nintendo GameCube or the GCN boasts of a hardware system that is the most compact and second-least expensive after Sega’s Dreamcast, among the sixth generation era consoles. It uses the GameCube Game Disc as its medium which was created to prevent unauthorized copying and avoid licensing fees to the DVD consortium.

A port of the Linux operating system kernel and assorted GNU user space utilities are used. Porting Linux to its platform makes sense since it is a computer with a decent RAM and a good CPU. Linux is used in the GameCube Linux Project for several reasons and some of which are to use a GameCube as a thin client, a multimedia terminal or as a tiny Power PC-based server. It can also be used as a runtime environment for homebrew development.