The Noiseless PC

February 6, 2009

Whereas a standard PC may be too bulky, noisy and power-consuming, fit-PC fits the bill for a compact, quiet and green PC. A noiseless PC the size of a paperback, fit-PC is fit enough to run Windows XP or Linux flawlessly through its x86 architecture and integrated hard disk. A user’s favorite operating system can be installed in it in the same way as using a standard PC through an installation disk. It can also come pre-installed with Ubuntu Linux or Windows XP.

Fit PC is the product of CompuLab’s long years of experience in embedded computer design. The motherboard is a rugged embedded board containing all its components including memory card and CPU. It has been designed for durability and specifically built to last. Heat removal is done by conduction to an all-aluminum case with no air vents.