Community Effort

October 17, 2010

Community maintained devices were not intended to run Linux at the time of their production but full or partial Linux support was made possible through community efforts. Many people have ported the Linux kernel to run on devices other than a typical desktop, laptop or server computer by virtue of the open source philosophy that free and open software has brought to the software world. Committed individuals and groups have performed ports to provide alternative software on their usual preferred hardware.

Some original hardware vendors are either supportive of these efforts or at least tolerate the use of such software by end users. Others have gone to great lengths to try and stop these alternative implementations.

Work Everywhere You Want

October 10, 2010

Running a business efficiently no matter where in the world one happens to be may no longer be that impossible as it used to. The Works Everywhere Appliance is a Linux device launched by a Canadian company called Koolu. Koolu aims to provide low-power computer appliances powered by free and open source software.

The Works Everywhere Appliance features quiet and reliable fan-less operation. It is energy efficient as it uses less than 10 watts. With no fan and its ultra low power, it can be left on all the time. It boasts of up to 1920 x 1440 display resolution, full 16-bit audio with stereo, microphone-in and audio-out headphone, 4 USB ports with printer, keyboard, mouse and storage support plus 10/100 MBit BASE-T wired Ethernet.

Lifelike Prints

October 2, 2010

Printers have been around for a long time. Before printers, there were type writers, and words were instantly transferred from the keys to a piece of paper. Obviously, computers allow us much more freedom and control, with the ability to go back and edit before being able to print the final draft. However, printers have also come a long way, from printing simple black and white documents, to printing coloured ones and the latest development in printers, the laser printer which prints lifelike pictures. It’s astonishing to see the difference even between an older colored printer picture and a laser printer picture. The latter are not pixely like the older pictures are. They are so much clearer and attractive.

Laser printers are significantly more expensive than regular printers, but it pays off, since it doesn’t use toner like a regular printer does. There are numerous kinds of laser printers made by different companies such as the Samsung colour laser printer and the Duplex colour laser printer. These are just some of the many laser printers that will provide beautiful prints for work or personal purposes. You may even find that there is no longer a need to run to the photo store or the printer every time you need something printed into quality colour. Though it is an investment, it is one that is worthwhile, unlike some other expensive gadgets that are out there on the market. These pictures can even be stored and kept for along time to come.