Linux is an open source operating system that has been a favorite of programmers and techies for years. Slowly but surely more and more of the general public is adopting Linux based systems. Not solely the domain of sysadmins anymore, now the everyday computer user is trying out Linux-based operating systems.

One of the main draws of Linux is that for many years it was virtually virus free. Even nowadays it is still way less susceptible to viruses than Windows machines. Linux can be installed on a regular PC, and you’re not shelling out thousands of dollars in hardware like you would with a Mac.

Linux has always been an open source project and that allows for a constant flow of new features and updates from the development community.  Learning and adapting to the Linux environment is easier than you might think! I’m here to offer tips, tricks and tutorials for both the new and veteran Linux user.

A Little About Me

I’ve been on a computer since I was 4 years old, and that was in 1992. I learned how to use a command line early on, because that was how I got to my dinosaur game which I loved dearly. Even though my computer didn’t have a sophisticated enough sound card to output the sound properly. Listen, it was ’92 and high end sound and video cards were very expensive.

I had a friend who’s dad was ‘good with computers’ and ran a Unix-based system, which again I became familiar with for the purpose of being able to get to the games. Sensing a pattern here…anyways, moving on. I didn’t get back into anything Linux until many years later and Windows Vista came out. It was just…untenable. I deleted it from my laptop and started with a nice, simple Ubuntu install. So much better! From there I kept tinkering and trying different distros. Nowadays I use a Linux Mint distro for my daily work (yes, and games…), but I like to test out some other ones as well every now and again.

I have no formal training or education with Linux based systems, just years of messing around with them. I hope to share some of the tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way to help others out and save them some of the headaches I had to go through.

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