The Business Oriented Distribution

July 27, 2008

Caldera Systems, now known as the SCO Group, created the defunct Caldera Open Linux which was the early business-oriented distribution. The then CEO’s vision for Caldera was to create a commercial grade implementation of Linux with built-in IPX and Windows for workgroup and Internet protocol support while supporting DOS, Windows and UNIX applications.

The Caldera Network Desktop was able to put together certain technologies. It ran on x86, PowerPC and DEC Alpha processors because it was built on the Linux kernel. Being Unix-like, its wide area networking was far more advanced than the Microsoft Networked OSes at the time. It worked perfectly inside of the most common local area network due to its IPX support. It can also run on UNIX, Windows, Macintosh and Caldera itself because of the Willows API code written for it.

The LiveDistro Concept

May 1, 2008

A LiveDistro is a computer operating system that is executed upon boot, without installation to a hard disk drive. It is typically named after the bootable medium it is stored in such as a CD-ROM, DVD or a USB-flash drive. It is referred to as “live” since these “distros” or software distributions contain a complete, functioning and operational system on the distribution medium.

The operating system or files already installed on the computer hard drive is not altered by a LiveDistro unless instructed to do so. While including mechanism and utilities for more permanent installation, it allows the user to return the computer to its previous state upon ejection and rebooting of the computer. Specific LiveDistros are designed to test drive Linux and other free and open- source operating system.

Elive: art of GNU/Linux distributions.

March 31, 2008

Elive is a complete operating system based on GNU/Linux Debian. The main feature of Elive is the beautiful graphic interface using a minimum hardware requirements. There are many effects that are invidiable by other distributions which using 3D graphic. Elive is a very stable and secure system. A great team works for fix bugs and increase performance.



Frugalware 0.7 donwload ISO CD

October 20, 2007

Frugalware is a Linux Distro inspired on the simplicity of Slackware. It has a fork of “pacman” as package manager derived from Arch Linux Package Manager. Frugalware’s Developer have released the 0.7 version of its distro. From the previous release they have improved software as “Gfpm” (graphic front-end to manage packages) and “Gnetconfig” (to configure network interfaces).