Experience the NFR

July 22, 2008

It seems like you can’t pick up a magazine today without some fun tips and ideas for a nice day in the sun. But while some people like a nice baseball or basketball game, others prefer a good show and some just love spreading a nice picnic lunch I have discovered that rodeos can be the perfect solution to please everybody. I never used to go to rodeos when I was young but since I was introduced to them by a friend I am simply hooked. Rodeos are entertaining, exiting, fun and full of suspense. I find that almost everybody that attends a rodeo has a good time, first-timers and old time fans alike.

While it is a matter of preference, I personally enjoy being close up and next to the action. You can almost sense the rush of the contestant and really feel the action. With the NFR coming up now’s the time to secure your National Rodeo Finals tickets. Check out teamonetickets.com for prices and availability. Their prices are great and you are sure to get terrific seats. If you have never attended a Rodeo before, there is no better way to experience the thrill of a rodeo that the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

Beat That

June 4, 2008

It is always great to hear about unbelievable prices whether they are for furniture, TVs, flights, light fixtures, or tickets to shows and games. At teamonetickets.com you will be surprised at how inexpensive the tickets are for the wide range of shows, concerts, and games that are available. The site is easy to use, which makes the whole experience of finding, ordering, and buying tickets much more enjoyable. Instead of getting frustrated from high prices and complicated purchasing systems, you can just be concerned with sitting back and enjoying the show.

Among the many types of shows offered through this site, is the Las Vegas Rodeo. This show should not be missed by anyone who is visiting this wonderful city. This is definitely an exciting outing, especially if you get seats up front. This is possible if you get your tickets through teamonetickets.com because they not only can provide you with cheap prices but amazing seats as well. Las Vegas is one of the most exciting cities in the United States and in the world in general. A visit there is fun and exciting, and this rodeo, along with other fun shows and concerts should not be missed. You can get your Wrangler National Finals Rodeo tickets from teamonetickets.com.

SANS WhatWorks Security Summit

April 28, 2008

I’m considering attending the SANS WhatWorks in Web Application Security Summit 2008 this June at the Paris hotel in Las Vegas. It’s supposed to be a terrific show, I was just wondering if it is worth the cost. I actually just discovered something which can tip the scale in favor of going. I just heard that Caesars Palace is replacing Celine Dion as their lead performer. No, that’s not the good news… The good news is that they are bringing in Cher instead.

This is almost the perfect combination of business and pleasure. The trip itself is tax deductable because of the convention and you get a truly rare opportunity to see this wonderful performer in a live performance. There are not many singers who appear to such a wide audience as Cher does with an electrifying performance every time. I will be deciding and making final arrangements shortly and if you plan on going too – I recommend you do the same. Tickets are already selling out for many dates so be sure to book your Cher Las Vegas tickets early for the dates of the show (or before\after depending on your travel plans). You can find more information about the show and get tickets online at teamonetickets.com.