GP2X Game – Super Mario War (Nintendo Fan Game)

October 31, 2007

Super Mario War is a game deveolped using original characters from Nintendo Games. This game is a tribute to Nintendo’s Games. The goal of this game is to stomp others Mario Players to win the match. I suggest to see screenshot of this Gp2x Game:


New GP2X F200 Announcement

October 20, 2007

The GP2X is some the black sheep of the portable consoles: rather than to aim at iper-realistic graphics and games in exclusive, its developers have wanted to give it for us freeeer possible, equipping it with Linux and making it become the dream of many geeks.


GP2X – The best linux portable console for gaming

October 9, 2007

GPX features are: 240mhz dual core CPU, 64M of RAM and 64M of NAND, 320*240 LCD with tradition art hardware and TV away.

The specification of product are really best for the cost, the TV away characteristic is particularly good. This consolle is comparable as the Nintendo DS. It costs $189 / £124. 99. You can play games, you can see movies, you can develop your own videogames with the Software Development Kit provide by their deveolpers for free.