Something Positive for a Change

May 28, 2008

Instead of just complaining about our elected officials, it’s nice to have something positive to talk about for a change. In an attempt to combat the plague of alcohol related fatalities from Arizona Boating accidents (over 50% of Arizona area boating accidents and about 33% of nationwide accidents are alcohol related), The Arizona Game & Fish Department have put tremendous efforts in their Boating Education Online content and videos. You may think that alcohol is only dangerous when operating a car but the Arizona Game & Fish Department website makes a very interesting case about the consequences of Boating Operating Under the Influence. Check out the videos below and be sure to visit their website at for more information. And most important – stay safe!

LifeLock Nominated for Webby

April 26, 2008

Earlier this week LifeLock was nominated for Best Service for the 12th Annual Webby Awards and if you ask me they truly deserve it. The truth is that LifeLock has no shortage of awards as their explosive growth over the past few years and the excellent results they deliver in the field of identity theft has granted them numerous awards and recognitions. Not only do their customers love them, their workers seem to be of the most loyal and enthusiastic about their job as you can find. A quote featured at the Lifelock jobs website (yes, they have a site dedicated entirely for career opportunities) says it all. “It really is a paradise place to work; I have never had a company treat their employees the way LifeLock does” are the words of a current employee who truly seems to love her job.

Third Time the Charm?

April 25, 2008

So, what do you say? Will the third time be the charm for Carmen Electra? The popular actress hopes so as news reports came out yesterday announcing her engagement to musician Rob Patterson. If you enjoy reading celebrity news, you can find all the latest updates and gossip on your favorite Hollywood celebrities at I like their short, concise format that gives you all the updates you need without wasting time on long articles that just repeat themselves. It’s fun to start the day with, see what’s new in the world, get updates on sports, weather, politics and check out the newest Hollywood celebrity photos.

GP2X Dev Italian Community on SmokingLinux

December 22, 2007

gp2xdev community

After some day of hard working with GP2X Dev Italian Community, we announce that joining on Smoking Linux, you can become member of gp2x dev italian community. There is also an international support in TOPIC “International Lounge”. You can ask at Italian Gp2X Dev Members your questions. is now Feel free to join!