Always Trust the Geeks

June 19, 2008

I got so many responses to our posts regarding web hosting in the past few days that I see this is something that relates to many of our readers. There are many great web hosting resources on the web and I’ve already mentioned some of the important ones but some people pointed out that they are looking for a simple and concise directory of hosting services with ratings and reviews for each. One such website that I highly recommend is the Webhosting Geeks site. You can find to-the-point reviews that make choosing the right host simple and secure. After all, who are you gonna trust if not the geeks?

More Domain Digging

June 18, 2008

After discovering my domain score yesterday I decided to do some more research on the whole topic and came across an interesting article titled “domain names and multiple domain hosting”. The site mainly focuses on hosting issues but tackles hosting a website from a wide perspective including the domain aspect. I encourage you to read some of the web hosting articles at if you are a website owner. There’s definitely a lot you can learn there and the creators of the site did a terrific job. They are working on a hosting comparison engine which should be a major asset when shopping for a new host.

The Power of cPanel

May 21, 2008

There are many sites that claim to teach about proper webhost management and how to make the most of your hosting service but many simply promote the hosting services they are affiliated with. While it is very important to research before joining a hosting provider and online reviews can be of great help, it is also important to understand your website’s requirements and how you can take advantage of what each host has to offer. The most basic administration platform of almost every webhost is the cpanel and with the right knowledge it can be a very powerful tool. which does a great job of reviewing hosting services and educating users has an extensive section of cPanel Tutorials which can really help make the most out of what cPanel has to offer.

Advanced Hosting Search

May 13, 2008

Earlier today we discussed the importance of proper research before choosing a hosting plan for your site. I got a lot of feedback on the post with people wanting to know how they can compare the various hosting options out there (and there are plenty). A good option which I like is web hosting chioce which makes it very easy to compare different hosts. I personally recommend using their advanced search and selecting the features you really care about and not be overwhelmed by hosts that offer a lot of glitter but lack what is important to you.