The Larger Side of the Net

August 11, 2008

I definitely consider myself an internet veteran being online since 1994. But while I always think I’ve seen just about everything the web can offer, every now and then I discover something new that just makes me wonder what is bigger – our universe or the internet. The truth is that there is no reason for these things to surprise me, it’s just that I find it fascinating to find certain things that you wouldn’t typically figure you would find online. Just yesterday I mentioned a site which allows you to order eyeglasses online and today I’d like to show you a site from the total other side of the spectrum.

Today I came across Al Asher & Sons which actually deals in stuff like bucket trucks, digger derricks, stinger cranes, cable pulling and transport trailers, crew trucks, and other heavy specialized equipment. Definitely not your typical online merchandise. But I guess that all depends on what industry you are in. I guess for someone who deals with heavy trucks finds it quite natural to find pre-owned bucket trucks or heavy equipment rentals online but for someone like me it’s just fascinating. The site provides extensive information about each product, check out their Hogg Davis Trailers page for instance to see the type of stats and inventory information the site offers.

The Real Online Savings

This isn’t something I typically discuss but I figured this is something I simply have to show you. Normally when you think of online shopping you think computers, electronics and perhaps books but I just discovered While it may not seem obvious to purchase eye glasses online, when you see the price tag you understand just what Eye Buy Direct is about. You can choose from a selection of stunning eye glasses for under $10 complete with prescription. These kind of savings put whatever discount you may get on consumer electronics to shame.

Checking for Plagiarism

August 5, 2008

Any student today knows that the best source of information for just about any type of project is not in his text book but rather readily available online. With so much information available on the internet it is not only easy to find information about just about any topic it is also a little bit too easy to copy work and take credit for it. This has not gone overlooked by teachers and school administrations who have been extremely concerned over plagiarism. That’s where come it. They have developed a tool which allows users to submit any digital work and cross check it with published content online. The entire process is surprisingly fast and users don’t have to worry about privacy issues since there is no human intervention involved.

Every Edge You Can Get

July 30, 2008

It’s not an easy time to be running a business let alone an online business. The commercial market is so competitive that companies need to utilize every edge they can. But while website owners are implementing the most advanced techniques to improved their ROI and increase website conversion rates, often they find they are losing sales for the most trivial reasons. There are still many websites today that rely on select and specific payment methods while excluding the majority of credit card holders. Initially there was an understandable deterrence by website owners from accepting credit cards due to the high costs involved and fraud concerns. But today with the help of credit card merchant service providers, accepting credit cards is simpler than ever. In fact, there really is no reason not to begin accepting credit cards right away.

Take A1 Merchant Accounts for example. They are a leading merchant account provider and signing up is absolutely free. Opening an internet merchant account goes way beyond simply accepting credit cards nowadays. Services like A1 Merchant Accounts offer advanced capabilities such as sales tracking, fraud prevention and 24/7 support. But don’t think these advanced functions mean high service rates, A1’s fees are of the lowest in their field. You can find more information about A1 Merchant Accounts at