Image Editing Under Linux

June 17, 2008

The GIMP or Krita are possible choices in lieu of Photoshop when working under the Linux environment. An application that has long been praised and reviled, the GIMP is a powerful image editor that provides features that can rival Adobe’s Photoshop but can be a little bit harder to learn. The GIMPshop version which is a modified GIMP that mimic’s Photoshop’s interface can smoothen the transition. Several free GIMP plug-ins add the missing key features.

Krita’s collection of tools are geared towards beginners and professionals alike and thus might be a better option for those just starting out with image editing under Linux.

HDR Photos on Linux Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 with QtpfsGUI

December 22, 2007

Have you ever seen HDR photos?

The meaning of HDR is High Dynamic Range Imaging. This technology of image manipulation is produced using a range of exposured photos. In fact if you have a good Digital Camera, you can make some shots with different Exposure Levels. HDR Image Generation produce only one picture from your images with different exposure levels.
Using HDR you can see many good effects from your photos.

What are requirements?


Free CSS Editor Software for Linux and Ubuntu Gutsy

November 18, 2007

There are many CSS editors for Linux. Every of this software has particular features. Normally you can use a simple text editor to do a good CSS code for your web projects, but certainly a CSS editor could help you to do a beatiful CSS code.

Quanta as a Linux CSS Editor


Quanta Plus is an HTML and CSS editor. You can use it for HTML editing but also you could use it for CSS editing. You can find a color picker inside Quanta Plus to choose the colors for your CSS links or background and much more. Quanta is a good choice especially if you run KDE as Desktop Environment.

sudo apt-get install quanta (on Ubuntu Gutsy)


Free Software Sticker Book for your Linux Notebook or Desktop

November 5, 2007


Change the look of your Linux Notebook or your Desktop PC!
Free Software Sticker Book is a large collection of free printable sticker in .odg format. Only requirements are a good Printer, white sticker paper and transparent sticker paper that will be applied over white sticker paper to have a professional sticker look for your Notebook!

Here some examples of stickers contained in this ebook: