Trouble in Paradise

June 16, 2008

Paradise in all its human forms is bound to be disturbed at some point in time owing to human nature. The free software community, a semblance of paradise in itself, has not been exempt from this. Linux, the kernel, which is often thought of as the flagship of free software has had versions which are partially non-free. The presence of binary-only programs in source files of Linux poses a question as to whether Linux binaries can be legally distributed at all.

Developments have given rise to differences in opinion as to whether being “technically better” is more important than freedom. The non-free “official” version of Linux promoted by the kernel’s original developer and a “completely free Linux” as promoted by the free software community cannot exactly be considered as singing the same tune. Eventually, it boils down as to which could better serve the users’ needs.

Start your own music personal server with Sockso on Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 Linux

October 28, 2007

Run a server to share your music with friends is possible with Sockso. Sockso is a little software opensource written in java. It is multi platform and only requirement is java installed and enabled in your Linux or Ubuntu Desktop.
Sockso management is very simple because it provides GUI (Graphical User Interface), so is possible to setting up which music folder you want share.
Also, to make possible sharing with your friend, Sockso give you its web interface that starts on TCP 4444 port, so every friend can browse your files.