Kopete – the Software

June 19, 2008

For users who find themselves addicted to AIM, Kopete can be an interesting option especially when working on a different environment such as Linux. With a name that traces itself to the Chilean word – Copete, which refers to an alcoholic drink, Kopete proves itself a worthy alternative as a multi-protocol, free software instant messaging client. It was specifically designed to integrate with the KDE desktop environment although it can run in numerous environments.

Kopete supports all commonly used Instant Messaging protocols while providing templates for developers from which to base their new plug-ins. It also features tools to enhance instant messaging like message encryption, archiving and many others.

Opting for Networking

April 30, 2008

Many people decide to network at home or the office because they have more than one computer and want to share one broadband Internet connection. The benefits of opting to network are many and may include the ability to share files, pictures, music and more. A single printer can be shared and gamers can play against competitors on the network. Game consoles can also be connected to take advantage of online gaming.

Desktop computers can be set up where they are convenient and not just where there happens to be a wire if the network is wireless-enabled. Laptops computers are free to roam almost anywhere in, or around the network without losing their connection. Essentially, a network is convenient and can save the user a considerable amount of money while providing more options.