LifeSize Experience

June 17, 2008

I recently saw a video of a demonstration of the a LifeSize Room which basically allows up to six people to conduct a video conference call while feeling like the rest of the participants are sitting right near them. I must admit, I was really impressed. It’s kind of hard to impress me with technology these day since I’ve come to expect almost everything for granted. But the video conferencing equipment by LifeSize is nothing short of impressive. Check out their website for more information.

High Intensity Discharge Lights

May 28, 2008

In today’s next gen post I would like to focus on something that most of us don’t tend to consider as next gen material since we tend to take it for granted. I am talking about new technologies related to lighting equipment. While the light bulb could arguably be the first major invention of the modern age and along with electricity, the light bulb has revolutionized our way of lives. But while electric light has been around us for decades, new developments in the field of High Intensity Discharge lights are proving that this age old invention can still be improved upon.

Just take a look at the sophisticated equipment lights featured at and you will get the picture. While these equipment lights may look like their previous counterparts, under the hood hides a whole new form of technology. The HID lights displayed on Mangalight’s website draw less than 2 amps on a 23 volt circuit after initial startup. What’s amazing is the fact that a single 25 watt High Intensity Discharge light actually produces the same light a regular 300 watt bulb produces. With the modern trend of energy conservation and living green, HID’s are introduced in what seems like perfect timing.