Install VMware Player on Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10

December 3, 2007

This tutorial explain how install VMware Player on Ubuntu Gutsy. There are two ways to install VMware Player, but the easiest way produce many errors. I hope that you want install VMware Player with the best procedure. In fact many tutorial on the net suggest you to download RPM package from VMware Website and convert it in a deb package with alien. This way not is a good way because you could have these errors:


Windows XP Virtual Machine with VMware player on Ubuntu Gutsy

November 22, 2007

Linux is a good operating system but sometimes you could have the necessity of run a particular application that don’t work with wine and is only for Windows XP.
WMware released its virtualization software for free (not opensource): VMware Server and VMware Player.

WMware server could be more complicated for personal use, so you can choose WMware player to run Windows XP on Ubuntu Gutsy.

Free CSS Editor Software for Linux and Ubuntu Gutsy

November 18, 2007

There are many CSS editors for Linux. Every of this software has particular features. Normally you can use a simple text editor to do a good CSS code for your web projects, but certainly a CSS editor could help you to do a beatiful CSS code.

Quanta as a Linux CSS Editor


Quanta Plus is an HTML and CSS editor. You can use it for HTML editing but also you could use it for CSS editing. You can find a color picker inside Quanta Plus to choose the colors for your CSS links or background and much more. Quanta is a good choice especially if you run KDE as Desktop Environment.

sudo apt-get install quanta (on Ubuntu Gutsy)


HowTo – Batch Image Resize on Linux

November 16, 2007

Suppose you want resize every your photos to put it on web. As you know, you can’t upload your photos on a webpage with the highest resolution because a web gallery became inaccesible and too slow to load. Suppose that you have a folder containing every photos of you holidays and you want resize it at 640 of width mantaining original aspect ratio. To make a resize there are many tools but I suggest a command line tool called “mogrify”. This tool will be installed with ImageMagick Libraries, so you have to install ImageMagick on you Linux.