Expand your Storage

November 1, 2010

Who said bigger isn’t better? More isn’t really more? Sometimes, it just plain is. Like in the case of computer storage. These days everything is done on the computer, and no one wants to take the risk of something happening to all of that important information. More than that, most computers do not offer enough space for all of one’s pictures, videos, movies, and files. Online storage is one option, and another, which can work simultaneously as well, is an external hard drive. These days an external hard drive can be extremely affordable not to mention compact. You will barely even notice it is there sitting on your desk. But it is, with tons and tons of important information stored safely inside.

There are many kinds of external hard drives. They come in different shapes and sizes, both physically and virtually. They come in different colors and offer different features. Many manufacturers offer these external hard drives today. One of the most well known companies though is western Digital. They have a wide range of products including the Western Digital 1tb External Hard Drive. These hard drives can come in handy at work, at home, or anywhere and for any purpose for that matter. In fact, they can make a really terrific gift. Once, these devices were large, bulky, and offered little storage space. Today, they are so small and so advanced that it is mind boggling, especially since we know that in a year or so there will be an even newer model.

VirtualBox – Window XP virtualized in seamless modality on Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10

October 24, 2007

This is a screenshot of seamless modality. Cool effect!

Ubuntu Gutsy - Windows XP - seamless

Often there are many people that would like to use Windows XP because many software are only for Windows. If you install Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 (Linux) and Windows XP in two divided partition you must reboot your system and choose every time a system to load when boot loader start up. There is a solution to make a unique desktop for both operating system: VirtualBox OSE in seamless modality. There are two version of VirtualBox: OSE and PE. OSE version is opensource, while PE version is free only for personal use. In this post we will use VirtualBox OSE. (more…)