Comparing the DS Linux with Standard Linux

January 18, 2014

DS Linux is quite different to Linux on a PC or Linux in its standard form. Without virtual memory, users of DS Linux need to accept this fact due to the absence of an MMU in the Nintendo DS. A virtual memory is responsible for making a program think that all the memory in a computer is its own while also facilitating isolation of programs from one another. DS Linux has the capacity to run multi-type programs all at the same but the same memory address is occupied by all memory programs and becomes subject to relocation at run time so that overlapping is prevented. This results however, to the possibility of accessing memory anywhere for reading arbitrary files, spying for passwords and even crashing the kernel. Linux on a PC can efficiently use memory while DS Linux cannot, due to the absence of paging, again because of the lack of MMU.

Typing with a stylus will never be as comfortable as typing on a real keyboard, while the small amount of RAM and small size of storage media can be very limiting to users.

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