GNU/Linux on Nintendo GameCube

February 5, 2013

A hardware system that is considered the most compact and also the second least expensive next to Sega’s Dreamcast is presented by Nintendo’s fourth home video game console, the Nintendo GameCube or the GCN. Using a Game Disc of GameCube as a medium, it was built to avoid the prevalence of copying which are unauthorized and likewise to do away with licensing fees intended for the DVD consortium.

Used in this notable item among the sixth generation era consoles is a port of the operating system of Linux together with different user space utilities of GNU. It is a computer with a good RAM and CPU which makes the porting of Linux to its platform a very sensible move. There are many reasons why Linux is used for the GameCube Project including the use of GameCube as a terminal for multimedia use and as a small server that is Power PC-based.

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