Jalimo – Open Source java environment for Linux mobile

October 14, 2007

What is Jalimo?

Jalimo is a java-like environment for mobile Linux devices. It starts to give an open source free environment for developers that want make applications on mobile Linux based devices. Its project is to collect any existing related JVM project in a developer API and tools to makes good application in a Java Like language for Linux mobile devices. Primary targets of Jalimo are Maemo and OpenMoko platforms.



Depending on the target platform, Jalimo show different GUI programming solutions. For example , if you use Maemo or Iliad platforms, Jalimo provides you the java-gnome language. While for OpenMoko platform there is awt and swing as additional tools for java-gnome.

Jalimo Java Environment is based on cacaojvm, jamvm and gnu classpath. Jalimo also implement MIDPath as free MIDP2.0.

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