HDR Photos on Linux Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 with QtpfsGUI

December 22, 2007

Have you ever seen HDR photos?

The meaning of HDR is High Dynamic Range Imaging. This technology of image manipulation is produced using a range of exposured photos. In fact if you have a good Digital Camera, you can make some shots with different Exposure Levels. HDR Image Generation produce only one picture from your images with different exposure levels.
Using HDR you can see many good effects from your photos.

What are requirements?


How to Install Eclipse and PHP Eclipse plugin in Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10

November 5, 2007


Eclipse is the best IDE to develop JAVA programs under Linux and Windows. Is possible to use Eclipse as an IDE to deveolp PHP Application and Scripts. There is another fantastic IDE to deveolp PHP Application: “Zend Studio”, but I think that PHP Eclipse is good for every needs. Also, Zend Studio is a commercial software so, I think that PHP Eclipse is better than Zend Studio.


SimDock – Dock Bar for every Linux Desktop Users

October 31, 2007

simdock dockbar ubuntu

What is SimDock?
SimDock is an italian project which supports many cool graphic effects without X compositing configured.


Start your own music personal server with Sockso on Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 Linux

October 28, 2007

Run a server to share your music with friends is possible with Sockso. Sockso is a little software opensource written in java. It is multi platform and only requirement is java installed and enabled in your Linux or Ubuntu Desktop.
Sockso management is very simple because it provides GUI (Graphical User Interface), so is possible to setting up which music folder you want share.
Also, to make possible sharing with your friend, Sockso give you its web interface that starts on TCP 4444 port, so every friend can browse your files.