Play your Windows Games with Wine and DirectX

November 27, 2007

Microsoft DirectX is a collection of libraries for game programming. With Runtime installed on your Windows Desktop you can run the most important commercial games. On linux you can’t have DirectX installed natively as part of system and there isn’t a Linux Binary versione of it. So, you can’t run windows games on Linux. To have DirectX games on your Linux you can try Wine. Wine (wine is not emulator) is a wrapper of windows libraries, so you can use windows software on your Linux Desktop. Many of windows software don’t run on Linux with Wine, but you can try particular configuration of Wine to see if you can run your favorite windows game or software. To install a Windows Game on Linux you have to install and configure DirectX on wine. This tutorial explain how to install DirectX.


Compiz Effects Demonstration on MACBOOK with Ubuntu Gutsy

November 5, 2007

Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 comes with Compiz-Fusion Built-In. For Ubuntu users wich have NVIDIA Accelerated Graphic Cards is simple to see how many effects and usefull utilities provides Compiz Fusion on Ubuntu Gutsy.

How you can see, this video is a demonstration of Compiz Fusion Effects in Ubuntu Gutsy. User wich recorded this video have installed Ubuntu Gutsy in a MAC Book.


Video – Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 with Compiz Fusion cool effects

October 21, 2007

My first Day in Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10

October 19, 2007

18th October 2007: Ubuntu release its new Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10.
I’ve read many posts of Ubuntu users that talks about Ubuntu and the new release. I’m a Debian user and yesterday I’ve decided to switch to Ubuntu because I’ve see that Ubuntu packages are released from many software house. Ubuntu have the best support on the web, it’s community is the largest I’ve ever seen. Ubuntu is based on Debian and for these reasons I make my switch. I’ve download and installed Ubuntu 7.10 on my PC in 30 minutes.
When the system was up and running I’ve see a surprise coming from automatic ATI driver installation: System -> Administration -> Restricted Driver Manager.
My next step was to turning on Special Desktop Effects of Compiz: System -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Extra Effects. But compiz don’t start! Error: “Composite Extension was disabled”.