Free Software Sticker Book for your Linux Notebook or Desktop

November 5, 2007


Change the look of your Linux Notebook or your Desktop PC!
Free Software Sticker Book is a large collection of free printable sticker in .odg format. Only requirements are a good Printer, white sticker paper and transparent sticker paper that will be applied over white sticker paper to have a professional sticker look for your Notebook!

Here some examples of stickers contained in this ebook:


Restore Grub Boot Loader in your Ubuntu Linux

November 3, 2007

There are many people that have Grub installed as Boot Loader.
Why this simple How-To?

grub boot loader

Is possible that you have installed Windows XP in a second partition of your HardDisk and after reboot, your Grub Boot Loader don’t start and you can’t access in your linux box.

Is possible that you have backuped your Linux Ubuntu or Debian as quite Disk Image. Now, after restoring through a Linux Live CD and yours backup files, you have to reboot your system. What appened? No system found! No Boot Loader!! Where is Grub?


Parted Magic LiveCD/USB/PXE – Partition Software for Linux

October 31, 2007

Parted Magic is a good alternative to Gparted LiveCD. It is a comprensive software utilities that runs in a Linux Live Environments. ISO Image for download is only 30 Mb of Software and the goal of this LiveCD is to make goods partitions of yours Devices. Also there are many utilities included as Partition Image, TestDisk, fdisk, sfdisk, dd, ddrescue and much more. (more…)

Frugalware 0.7 donwload ISO CD

October 20, 2007

Frugalware is a Linux Distro inspired on the simplicity of Slackware. It has a fork of “pacman” as package manager derived from Arch Linux Package Manager. Frugalware’s Developer have released the 0.7 version of its distro. From the previous release they have improved software as “Gfpm” (graphic front-end to manage packages) and “Gnetconfig” (to configure network interfaces).