Free Software Sticker Book for your Linux Notebook or Desktop

November 5, 2007


Change the look of your Linux Notebook or your Desktop PC!
Free Software Sticker Book is a large collection of free printable sticker in .odg format. Only requirements are a good Printer, white sticker paper and transparent sticker paper that will be applied over white sticker paper to have a professional sticker look for your Notebook!

Here some examples of stickers contained in this ebook:


Install WordPress locally with NanoWeb Server – Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10

October 25, 2007

nano web and wordpress logos

A Windows user can install EasyPHP to use WordPress locally and develop new themes for it. A WordPress theme designer often, don’t want use many resources for Apache installation under linux, because he would only install CMS to make a Theme Design for it.
In this post, we will see how to do this job under Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10.

Brief introduction to NanoWeb Server

NanoWeb server is a light web server for linux written entirely in php. NanoWeb Server is specially design for little website that don’t need Apache as webserver. So, with NanoWeb Server we have a locally installation of our preferred CMS to test it without expensive consume of resources.


How to make WEB2.0 mirrored text logo with InkScape

October 17, 2007

We have seen many blogs or website using the modern web2.0 style for text logos. It’s possible that a graphic designer says you that is impossible for a Linux Graphic Designer to make it. Do you remember: “Impossible Is Nothing” ?
Good! Now I can teach you how to make your web2.0 mirrored text logo for your blog or your personal website using the simply vector graphic tool “InkScape”. I hope that when you finish with this mini-tutorial you can say: “Linux Rocks!”

First Step – Open InkScape and using Text tool, you have to write your blog title. For Example I write: SMOKING LINUX.

You can see that I’ve used 2 colors for text, simply selecting part of text and click on desired color for it.