180 Firefox Wallpapers Ready to Download

December 2, 2007

Smokinglinux Community opened its new Image Gallery. With this new feature on website, we have decided to release a great collection of 180 wallpapers to spread Mozilla Firefox browser. We hope to update with other many categories our new Image Gallery. Suggest your favorites wallpapers on forum community to improve the quality of our Image Gallery.

180 Firefox Wallpapers

To see entire Firefox Wallpapers Gallery click HERE or over Attached Image.

Dynamic PDF creation with PHP – Very Easy

November 22, 2007

FPDF is a PHP class which allows to create PDF files with PHP. The advantage is that PDFlib requires a fee for a commercial usage. F from FPDF stands for Free: So yu can use this class to generate PDFs for free and modify source code for your needs.

You must use this class if you want create PDF content directly from PHP to implement for example download of your site content in PDF dinamically. You can download it and see how it works in the sample code below.


Windows XP Virtual Machine with VMware player on Ubuntu Gutsy

Linux is a good operating system but sometimes you could have the necessity of run a particular application that don’t work with wine and is only for Windows XP.
WMware released its virtualization software for free (not opensource): VMware Server and VMware Player.

WMware server could be more complicated for personal use, so you can choose WMware player to run Windows XP on Ubuntu Gutsy.

Ebook – Producing Open Source Software (Manage your Open Source Project)

November 7, 2007

Do you want produce an Open Source Software but you don’t know how to manage your Projects?


Karl Fogel, developer of Subversion have written: “Producing Open Source Software”. In this book, downloadable for free, you can optimize your Open Source productivity.