Ebook – Producing Open Source Software (Manage your Open Source Project)

November 7, 2007

Do you want produce an Open Source Software but you don’t know how to manage your Projects?


Karl Fogel, developer of Subversion have written: “Producing Open Source Software”. In this book, downloadable for free, you can optimize your Open Source productivity.


PulseAudio – A New Audio Server for Fedora, Ubuntu and other Linux Distro

November 2, 2007


PulseAudio is an Audio Server for linux. Respect to the others Linux Audio Server, PulseAudio will have many features. Fedora8 will be the first Linux Distro that comes with PulseAudio built-in and officially supported by the Fedora Developer Team. Seems that also Ubuntu will have PulseAudio as Deafault Audio Server.


Video – Fedora Linux installed on Sony PS3

October 28, 2007

This video shows how PS3 can replace the use of PC with Linux Operating System installed such as Fedora.
To do this job, PS3 users can buy a blue-tooth mouse and keyboard to use its SONY PS3 as Desktop PC.

Also, I think is possible to install many emulators to play a great number of games.

What this video now: