StarLogo TNG – RpgMaker XP simplicity on Linux

November 9, 2007


Have you never used RpgMaker XP on windows? This Article don’t talks about RpgMaker XP for windows installed on Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat, Fedora, Gentoo) using Wine Library, but it talks about a tool to make games on Linux as the same simplicity of making games with RpgMaker XP.


AssaultCube / ActionCube – First Person Shooter Game on Linux based on Cube Engine

November 2, 2007


AssaultCube or ActionCube is a first person shoother game based on SDL engine Cube. The Goal of this game is to play in a team match game multiplayer. To make this job, authors of this game make a good code for gaming online with low bandwith consumption. In fact Developers say that is possible to play with an old 56K modem.


GP2X Game – Super Mario War (Nintendo Fan Game)

October 31, 2007

Super Mario War is a game deveolped using original characters from Nintendo Games. This game is a tribute to Nintendo’s Games. The goal of this game is to stomp others Mario Players to win the match. I suggest to see screenshot of this Gp2x Game: