PulseAudio – A New Audio Server for Fedora, Ubuntu and other Linux Distro

November 2, 2007


PulseAudio is an Audio Server for linux. Respect to the others Linux Audio Server, PulseAudio will have many features. Fedora8 will be the first Linux Distro that comes with PulseAudio built-in and officially supported by the Fedora Developer Team. Seems that also Ubuntu will have PulseAudio as Deafault Audio Server.


Start your own music personal server with Sockso on Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 Linux

October 28, 2007

Run a server to share your music with friends is possible with Sockso. Sockso is a little software opensource written in java. It is multi platform and only requirement is java installed and enabled in your Linux or Ubuntu Desktop.
Sockso management is very simple because it provides GUI (Graphical User Interface), so is possible to setting up which music folder you want share.
Also, to make possible sharing with your friend, Sockso give you its web interface that starts on TCP 4444 port, so every friend can browse your files.



MS Windows Vista Aero Effects vs Ubuntu and Beryl

There are many videos on the web showing the effects of Beryl or Compiz compared to MS Windows Vista Aero Effects. This video show a quick summary of Linux Beryl possibilities.

If you watch this video, you can see the final part, when there is Bill Gates that… YOU CAN SEE!! I don’t want say you the final scene. Watch this video now! 🙂


Frugalware 0.7 donwload ISO CD

October 20, 2007

Frugalware is a Linux Distro inspired on the simplicity of Slackware. It has a fork of “pacman” as package manager derived from Arch Linux Package Manager. Frugalware’s Developer have released the 0.7 version of its distro. From the previous release they have improved software as “Gfpm” (graphic front-end to manage packages) and “Gnetconfig” (to configure network interfaces).