Compiz Effects Demonstration on MACBOOK with Ubuntu Gutsy

November 5, 2007

Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 comes with Compiz-Fusion Built-In. For Ubuntu users wich have NVIDIA Accelerated Graphic Cards is simple to see how many effects and usefull utilities provides Compiz Fusion on Ubuntu Gutsy.

How you can see, this video is a demonstration of Compiz Fusion Effects in Ubuntu Gutsy. User wich recorded this video have installed Ubuntu Gutsy in a MAC Book.


MS Windows Vista Aero Effects vs Ubuntu and Beryl

October 28, 2007

There are many videos on the web showing the effects of Beryl or Compiz compared to MS Windows Vista Aero Effects. This video show a quick summary of Linux Beryl possibilities.

If you watch this video, you can see the final part, when there is Bill Gates that… YOU CAN SEE!! I don’t want say you the final scene. Watch this video now! 🙂


Video – Fedora Linux installed on Sony PS3

This video shows how PS3 can replace the use of PC with Linux Operating System installed such as Fedora.
To do this job, PS3 users can buy a blue-tooth mouse and keyboard to use its SONY PS3 as Desktop PC.

Also, I think is possible to install many emulators to play a great number of games.

What this video now:

Video – Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 with Compiz Fusion cool effects

October 21, 2007