Windows XP Virtual Machine with VMware player on Ubuntu Gutsy

November 22, 2007

Linux is a good operating system but sometimes you could have the necessity of run a particular application that don’t work with wine and is only for Windows XP.
WMware released its virtualization software for free (not opensource): VMware Server and VMware Player.

WMware server could be more complicated for personal use, so you can choose WMware player to run Windows XP on Ubuntu Gutsy.

VirtualBox – Window XP virtualized in seamless modality on Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10

October 24, 2007

This is a screenshot of seamless modality. Cool effect!

Ubuntu Gutsy - Windows XP - seamless

Often there are many people that would like to use Windows XP because many software are only for Windows. If you install Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 (Linux) and Windows XP in two divided partition you must reboot your system and choose every time a system to load when boot loader start up. There is a solution to make a unique desktop for both operating system: VirtualBox OSE in seamless modality. There are two version of VirtualBox: OSE and PE. OSE version is opensource, while PE version is free only for personal use. In this post we will use VirtualBox OSE. (more…)

Linux Vixta vs Vista as Lindows vs Windows?

October 17, 2007

Vixta is a Linux Distribution based on the famous Fedora. Project is born to make a Linux Distro user friendly. They starts his job using the name Vixta copying the attractive look of Aero Theme Design. This screenshot show the look of Vixta Desktop.